Wood Chips

Brief introduction
Established at the beginning of 2010,Woodchip department has grown up quickly and earned a good reputation in the industry.We have wealthy experience in importing woodchip at the ports ranging from Mawei, Xiaocuo, Fangcheng,Yangjiang, Rizhao Etc. With the Five-year plan been set up in 2011,We are focused on improving the service of woodchip supply chain and providing Chinese pulp and paper mills more abundant and high-quality overseas resources.
With the advantage in rich woodchip resources,skilled logistics and port importing operations,Woodchip department is sure to be your best woodchip provider.We are aiming to be the main supplier of imported woodchips in China.
Southeast Asia: Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia
Oceania: Australia, New Zealand
North America: USA, Canada
Latin America: Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, Uruguay
Europe: Russia, Lithuania
Other sources
Woodchip Species:
Eucalyptus, Acacia, Radiata Pine, Melaleuca Woodchips
Our strength
Strong financial resources and prestigious brand name
Advanced ERP management system
Both RMB and US dollar payment transactions
Multiform business operation, L/C agency for paper mills
Skilled maritime and land logistics operation ability
Skilled port importing operation ability
Stable wood chips resources with various species and flexible supply
Strong and professional sales net-work