We has developed into the largest pulp distributors in china. We supply various kind of imported and local pulp. In the year 2010, we sold over 800,000 tons pulp. In recent years, we have successfully developed steady and long term relationship with tens of chief pulp producers in Europe, North America, South America, Southeastern Asia and Russia. At the same time, we are actively engaged in cooperation with the domestic pulp mills to develop new products with the aim to provide the most suitable raw materials in order to meet the demands of different customers. Based on 8 years' experience, we now operate business in multi-modes including: paper and pulp barter trade, direct sales, L/C agency, assisted with flexible payments.

Our strength
Strong financial resources and prestigious brand name
Steady and sufficient supply of various kinds of pulp
Strong and professional sales network
Flexible payment terms
Available in our warehouse at the main ports of China all year round and convenient logistics system
Multiform business operation, rich experience in industry
Business model
Paper and pulp barter trade, L/C agency for paper mills, pulp bonded business, financing business
Imported pulp
Bleached Softwood Kraft Pulp: Ust, Bratsky, Arauco, Alto Parana, Crofton, Alabama, Terrace bay, Hinton, Enopine, Celtejo, Halsey white Gold, Harmac, North Wood, Stendal, Stone, Abibowsorb (SE)
Bleached Hardwood Kraft Pulp: Arauco, Bratsky, Alpac, MHW, Moorim
Unbleached Softwood Pulp: Celco Light Color, Ust
BCTMP: Quesnel River, Canfor
Others: Eppco Bleached Bagasse Pulp
Local Pulp
Sichuan Yongfeng Bamboo Pulp
Dragon(APP Hainan)
Guangxi Jingui Pulp
Xinjiang Bohu Reed Pulp
Yunnan Yunjing Pulp
Huaihua Juntai Pulp